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Suzhou Molarray Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with molecular diagnosis
and gene detection technology as the core technologies.
After years of research and development, Molarray has formed an accumulation of independent technology in the areas of "automated control, image processing, optical inspection, microscopy, liquid circuit, electronic applications and software", having over 50 domestic and foreign patents and approximately 20 software copyrights. We have independently developed the world's leading "gene detection technology platform", "full-automatic liquid extraction technology platform" and "full-automatic microbial detection technology platform". Based on these technology platforms, Molarray has formed a product portfolio of "real-time quantitative PCR detection system, isothermal fluorescent quantitative PCR amplification detector, portable real-time quantitative PCR detection system", "nucleic acid extraction and sampling system" and "nucleic acid rapid diagnosis system". Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Profession, Innovation and People oriented", Molarray products are serving the global market wholeheartedly.
Molarray - Service support
We not only provide professional products and services, but also set up a perfect after-sales service system。
Over the years, Molarray regards booming the national industry as own duties, relies on the strength of science and technology to continue to innovate and develop。
To buy medical equipment, please go to Suzhou Molarray Co. Ltd. We will be dedicated to provide you with satisfactory service!
Suzhou Molarray Co. Ltd. has the right and obligation to provide services and technical support for the products sold。

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